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Our team joined  

The Story Of Saily In Prose

Online Classifieds we knew were crap

So to buy & sell we built an app


Away from the creeps in the sketchy alley (Craigslist)

A company was born in Silicon Valley



To make it happen we coded daily

Don't ask us why but we called it Saily



For 4 years the grind never stopped one day

Coffee cups and Redbulls one need not say



Our startup life was straight out of a movie

The company was growing and our product was groovy



Hundreds of thousands of users we had

The app became legit and it was no fad



But to win was hard and at all wasn't easy

The overnight success is too hyped and too cheesy 



We fought and we tried

We laughed and we cried



And something different happened in the end

In a faraway rival, we found a friend



Their name is Mercari and they're big in Japan

And to win in the US we had a good plan



In a big move we decided to ride their horses

And without further ado, we joined our forces



In the end we want to thank each one of you

Our users, investors, and the friends we once knew



We truly love you more than words could tell

From deep in our hearts we bid you farewell

-Saily team


"Saily Changes The Way We Buy & Sell"

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Saily Featured on App Store
Saily Featured on App Store
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Our vision

Let's get real, who has the time and energy to sell their unused stuff?

It feels like filling an immigration form to list your stuff up for sale, then it's a social nightmare to deal with strangers inquiring about your stuff and asking to meet up under a shady bridge. No thanks, I'll either throw my stuff away, or, better idea, throw them in the closet or under the bed. 

Change that, was what we were plotting for. And boy did we make progress there, "but", and there's always a but, it wasn't near perfect. It's still not our first nature to sell our unused stuff, and that's why our team is still working on this vision at Mercari. We want to save every closet, and every under-bed from the suffering inflicted upon them by our unused stuff thrown there to die a slow death. We want to make selling your stuff easier than throwing them away. We believe in a future where everything you no longer need, gets a new life somewhere else. Amen.

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Update [2020]

Our team is now working on Flyp, an app that helps you sell your clothes by letting a Pro sell it for you. Download Flyp on the App Store.

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